Should I transport my car or should I drive it?

A common dilemma facing our customers is whether or not vehicle transport is cost effective.

Here are some of the many reasons our customers choose to use vehicle transport.

1. Costs


Transporting with Melcrest

Driving your vehicle

Wildlife collision



Speeding ticket/loss of licence



broken windscreen



Cost of a premature vehicle servicing









Flat tyre(s)



Fuel Consumption



Cost of return flight



Cost of Transport

Approx. - $990.00


Total -

Approx. - $990.00

Approx. - $2730.00

*These prices are prices on average and based off a trip from Darwin to Brisbane, Allowing you 3 days driving time (11 hours driving per day) Animal Strikes, broken windscreen, speeding ticket and flat tyres may not occur. Animal Strikes cost is based on minor damage to the front of your vehicle.

2. Time

Hitting a Kangaroo can not only damage your vehicle, but also causing lengthy delays while waiting for parts and repairs.

Queensland and the northern territory are very large regions. Darwin is over 3,400 Kilometres from Brisbane and will take you 36 hours of driving. This will take multiple days to complete, and you need to ask yourself how many days are you happy to sleep in your car for?

Questions to ask about transporting your car yourself:

  1. Would you feel safe sleeping in your car in the middle of the night 500km from the nearest town with no phone range when you get tired and can't continue driving?
  2. Are you happy to take time off work, that could be better enjoyed with Family and Friends.
    Brisbane to Cairns - 1,650 Kilometres or just 18.5 hours' drive.
    Brisbane to Mt Isa - 1,800 Kilometres or just 19 hours' drive.
    Brisbane to Adelaide - 2,000 Kilometres or just 21 hours' drive.

Also Consider the Following

  • Vehicle age/reliability
  • Fatigue
  • Driver skill
  • Comfort

Save yourself the Hassle, and use Melcrest Auto Transport. With Melcrest, it's all about 'Silver Service' for your vehicle

Melcrest Truck carrying cars

With Melcrest, it's all about 'Silver Service' for your vehicle.

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