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We believe in silver service for your vehicle

Experience and knowledge

Melcrest Auto Express is an Australian family business that's holds the experience and knowledge from over 20 years of car carrying, who pride themselves on personal customer care and silver service for your vehicle.  Melcrest Auto Express staff has been employed with the company long term and have managed to gain the experience they require to provide the BEST service you can get.

Melcrest Auto Express has car carriers driving all over the Australian roads every day of the year. With Melcrest's extensive knowledge of car carrying, and repetitive business from happy customers, Melcrest Auto Express offer services Australia wide with a loud reputation for unbeatable quality service.

We understand the emotions involved in handing over care and custody of one of your most valuable possessions.  Whether it be, relocating your family car, your business vehicle, a classic or an expensive exotic. This is why we consider our care factor as "Silver Service".

Melcrest Auto Express is located all over Australia and when you choose to utilise the depot to depot facilities, it will save you money and you will receive face to face friendly service. Ask Melcrest staff for more information on how to save when booking your vehicle with Melcrest.

Car transport services are Melcrest's speciality. That is ALL we do.

Car transport services are Melcrest's speciality. That is ALL we do. Transport cars. So you can be sure that our focus is precisely that. And with over 20 year's experience, you will see why Melcrest Auto Express is growing throughout Australia and have repetitive business from satisfied customers. 

All shapes and sizes

Melcrest Auto Express trucks and trailers come in all shapes and sizes to cater for all your vehicle transportation requirements, so there is no need to worry when Melcrest are taking care of your car transporting needs! You can be assured that your vehicle is secured with the correct road safety measure and will receive the same care and attention it would get at home.

It really is WORRY FREE when your car carrying needs are looked after by Melcrest Auto Express. Lets us take care of your car and you can be the judge on our level of excellence.


Melcrest Head Office communicates with the drivers on a regular basis. We do this for many reasons. Here are a few to mention:

  1. Updates on major road works that may hold up the travel time
  2. Updates on damaged roads that nature causes do to our motorways.
  3. Weather updates in case of hail etc...
  4. Unfortunate fatal accidents that can hold up roads for hours.

Just to list a few
Melcrest communicates. We believe it is one of our major business assets.

Trading Hours

7am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Melcrest Truck carrying cars

With Melcrest, it's all about 'Silver Service' for your vehicle.

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