Frequently asked questions

Should I transport my car or should I drive it?

A common dilemma facing our customers is whether or not vehicle transport is cost effective. Here are some of the many reasons our customers choose to use vehicle transport.

Do you deliver door to door?

Yes. Door to door can be arranged in most circumstances, however, many 
residential streets are inaccessible for a semi-trailer due to narrow streets, overhanging trees, traffic islands, roundabouts and council restrictions. If the customer is able to meet the truck at a close proximity in these situations, it would be appreciated. A small truck may be used if required at an additional cost.

What are my payment options?

EFT, Company cheque, Credit / Debit card. All transport must be paid at the time of Booking.        .

Can I leave personal effects in the car?

Yes. Conditions do apply.

  • There will be a fee attached for personal belongings stored and carried within the vehicle.
  • No more then 150kg.
  • The contents MUST not exceed window height.
  • The driver must also be able to move the driver's seat completely backwards.
  • No insurance cover is offered on any personal effects. Please contact our office for further details
  • Exceeding the personal effects guidelines will result in your vehicle insurance being completely voided or decline of transportation will be discussed as per level of exceeding requirements outlined.

Do you transport trailers?

We do transport trailers, however the dimensions will be required before we can approve. Sorry we can't assist you with boats or caravans.

Do you transport non goers / wrecks.

Yes.Conditions apply. Please contact our office.

Is my car covered by insurance? 

Conditions do apply. Please contact our office. After market fittings are not covered. 

Where can you deliver to?

You will find more information on our "Areas we Service" page
Melcrest Auto Express has the ability to pick up or deliver vehicles to almost anywhere in Australia. We are specialists in Queensland vehicle transport services, with extensive car carrying experience to almost anywhere in Australia. Please see our Areas we Services link for more information.

What are the benefits for car carrying?

Consider Fuel, Meals, Motel and return air fare. Add these together along with the "what if" factor, Perhaps a speeding ticket, broken windscreen, tyre damage, kangaroo strike etc. Let Melcrest take that STRESS away from you and avoid being over tired and uncomfortable for the long journey. Fatigue is a common occurrence during long distances. Don't let this happen to YOU! 

Melcrest Truck carrying cars

With Melcrest, it's all about 'Silver Service' for your vehicle.

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